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What is Timeless?

Timeless is a yield tokenization protocol where the yield tokens never expire.

Timeless splits user deposits into two types of yield tokens: Perpetual Yield Token (PYT), whose holders receive the yield generated by the user deposits, and Negative Yield Token (NYT), whose market price moves in the opposite direction as PYT.

Timeless enables the following use cases:

  • Yield boosting: Boost the yield you earn from any supported farm by 1x-2x
  • Yield hedging: Decrease the volatility of the yield you earn
  • Yield speculation: Speculate on whether yield rates are going up or down

Timeless is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and deployed to EVM-compatible blockchains.

Timeless is permissionless, meaning you do not need permission from anyone to use any part of Timeless.

Timeless is immutable, meaning its business logic can never be arbitrarily modified even by the team.

Timeless is composable, meaning it uses common standards (ERC20, ERC4626) and thus can fit into other protocols like Lego pieces.